Upazila Parishad: Laws and Regulations

Upazila Parishad Manual 2013 (in Bangla)   This manual is a compendium of laws, rules and circulars on Upazila Parishads.  It is published by the UZP-PA project of Local Governance Cluster, UNDP Bangladesh. The overall objective of such initiative is to help transform the Upazila Parishad into a vibrant organisation and turn it into an effective body corporate within the framework of the Upazila Parishad Acts.

The Upazila Parishad Election Manual, 2013 [Bangla]

The Upazila Parishad Election Bidhimala, 2013 [Bangla]

The Upazila Ordinance, 2008 [Bangla]

Code of Conduct for Upazila Election, 2008 [Bangla]