Functions of Upazila Parishad

Transferred and Retained Functions of Upazila

The government Resolution of 1982 divided the government functions at the upazila level into two distinct categories namely retained subjects or functions and transferred subjects or functions. The responsibilities of transferred subjects are given to the Upazila Parishad and national government retained the responsibilities of important subjects at the upazila level. In spite of providing a list of retained subjects, Resolution did not provide any list of transferred subjects. Later, functions transferred to the Upazila Parishad were enumerated in the Second Schedule of the Local Government Ordinance, 1982.

a. Transferred subjects or functions

The functions transferred to the Upazila Parishad are given below:

1. All development activities at the Upazila level; formulation of Upazila development plans and     programs: and implementation, monitoring and evaluation thereof.

2. Preparation of Upazila development plans on the basis of union development plans.

3. Giving assistance and encouragement to the union parishad.

4. Promotion of health, family planning and family welfare.

5. Provision for management of environment.

6. Training of Chairman, members and secretaries of the Union parishads.

7. Implementation of government policies and programs within the upazila.

8. Supervision, control and coordination of functions and officers serving in the Upazila   except Munsifs, Trying Magistrates and Officers engaged in regulatory functions.

9. Promotion of socio-cultural activities.

10. Promotion and encouragement of employment generating activities.

11. Such other functions as may be specified by the government from time to time.

12. Promotion and extension of cooperative movement in the upazila.

13. Assistance to the Zilla Parishad in development activities.

14. Planning and execution of all rural public works programs.

15. Promotion of agricultural activities for maximizing production.

16. Promotional of educational and vocational activities.

17. Promotion of livestock, fisheries and forest (Rahman, 2000: 71-72).

b. Regulatory or retained subjects or functions

Functions retained by the government at the Upazila level are as follows:

1. Maintenance of law and order.

2. Civil and criminal judiciary.

3. Administration and management of central revenues like income tax, customs, excise, land   revenue, land tax etc.

4. Maintenance of essential supplies.

5. Large scale industries.

6. Irrigation schemes involving more than one district.

7. Mining and mineral development.

8. Generation and distribution of electric power.

9. Technical education and all other education above primary level.

10. Modernized district hospitals and hospitals attached to medical colleges.

11. Inter-district and inter-upazila means of communication.

12. Flood control and development of water resources.

13. Compilation of national statistics (Faizullah, 1987: 104).