Upazila Parishad

The people elect 3 (three) representatives from the whole area of an upazila. Among these elected representatives, there is a Chairman and two Vice Chairmen. Among these Vice Chairmen, there is a Woman Vice Chairman. For that post, only the woman candidates are able to compete in the election. All the Union Chairmen of a relevant upazila are members of the Upazila Parishad by the power of their post. They are the voting members of the Upazila Parishad. If there is any municipality in an upazila, the Mayor of that municipality, by the power of his post, becomes a voting member. For example, if there are nine unions in an upazila and a municipality, in that case, the nine Union Parishad Chairmen would be members of the Upazila Parishad, and Mayor of the municipality would be its 10th member. Moreover, if there are nine Union Parishads under an upazila, one third of the Union Parishads represented by woman can send an equal number of women to the upazila. The 27 (twenty seven) elected woman members of Union Parishad will select three among them to represent themselves in the upazila. This means, a total of 15 (fifteen) persons viz. one Chairman, two Vice Chairmen (including one woman Vice Chairman as reserved), nine Chairmen of nine Union Parishads and three women as members, work in the Upazila Parishad. Again, if there is a municipality in that upazila, then the Mayor of that municipality is regarded another member of that Upazila Parishad. The woman members of that municipality will participate in the Upazila Parishad as woman members. There will be no election there. The number of standing committees in the Upazila Parishad is 17. The standing committees of each Upazila Parishad play the main role in implementing its 18 designated work programs.


Upazila Profiles


List of Committees

Article 29 of the Upazila Parishad Act 1998 (As amended up to 30 June 2009) requires that the Upazila Parishad set up one standing committees for each of the following subjects:
• Law and order
• Communication and Physical Infrastructure Development
• Agriculture and Irrigation
• Education
• Health and Family Planning
• Youth and Sports Development
• Women and Child Development
• Social Welfare
• Land
• Fisheries and Livestock
• Rural Development and Cooperatives
• Information and Culture
• Forest and Environment
• Observation, Monitoring and Control of Market price

List of Transferred Departments and Deputed Officials

Name of Departments Transferred to UZP& Officials of Transferred Departments
Ministry of Establishment Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO)
Ministry of health and Family Welfare  
 Directorate of Health Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer (UH&FPO)
 Directorate of Family Planning Upazila Family Planning Officer (UFPO)
Ministry of Agriculture  
 Directorate of Agricultural Extension Upazila Agriculture officer (UAO)
Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Upazila Fisheries Officer (UFO)
Ministry of Food and Disaster Management Upazila Project Implementation Officer (PIO)
Ministry of Social Welfare  
 Directorate of Social Welfare Upazila Social Welfare Officer (USWO)
Ministry of Primary and Mass Education  
 Directorate of Primary Education Upazila Education Officer (UEO)
Ministry of Women and Children Affairs  
 Directorate of Women Upazila Women Officer (UWO)
Ministry of Youth and Sports  
 Directorate of Youth Development Upazila Youth Development Officer (UYDO)


Local Government Division

 Local Government Engineering Department Upazila Engineer (UE)
 Public Health Engineering Department Assistant Engineer (AE)92