Municipality (Paurashava)

The municipality is an institution of the local government of towns. At present, there are ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ categories of municipalities. The recently announced municipalities belong to the ‘C’ category. These municipalities have not developed much. The municipalities that fall under ‘B’ category have been working for quite some time and are delivering something for the people. And the municipalities that belong to ‘A’ category are there for a long time and providing considerable service to the people of those municipalities. If there are 12 (twelve)  wards in a municipality, then in that municipality, a Municipality Parishad of 17 (seventeen) persons comprising one mayor, 12 councilors (one for each ward), four woman councilors in the four reserved seats (four from the 12 wards as one from every three wards) deliver its duty. The number of standing committees in a municipality is 10. The standing committees of each municipality play the main role in delivering its 64 designated work programs.