Bangladesh Union Parishad Forum (BUPF)

The Bangladesh Union Parishad Forum (BUPF) is a network of Union Parishads (UPs) established throughout Bangladesh in 12th October 2003. This was done through constant support and facilitation by USAID financed ARD’s Local Government Initiative (henceforth to be mentioned as LGI). LGI is an initiative undertaken by ARD in many countries around the world to empower the local government.

With a central Executive Committee at the national level, and committees at both the divisional (7) and district (64) levels, BUPF provides UPs with a mechanism for defining and aggregating their common interests, and channeling their collective voice on policy questions in local, regional, national and international ambits. The overall objective of the association is to promote policies in favor of strong, elected rural local governments in Bangladesh in close association with citizens and professional groups, NGOs, and donor agencies
After the LGI project ended in 2005, BUPF took the initiative to strengthen its committees through USAID supported DLGP-Democratic Local Governance Program implemented by RTI international from 2006 to 2008. During DLGP project, BUPF also took the initiative to prepare Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP) in 70 Union Parishads at North-West and South-West parts in the country. Moreover, the organization played a vital role to promote best practices and building image of Union Parishad through quarterly publications.
Since its formation, BUPF has been actively organizing its efforts by raising united voice for decentralization and democratization of the local government system of Bangladesh. BUPF organized various seminars and workshops where the issues of decentralization and democratization were perceived as important agenda. The open discussions and brain storming sessions also posed multi-dimensional perspectives of the term “local governance”, in order to turn out from its traditional concept, originated at colonial centralize rule of British Raj to confer limited responsibility to local people. Since the modern concept of local governance need to be translated into the societal platform, the policy advocacy for democratization and decentralization in local government system should get utmost attention.
BUPF prepares and conducts policy reforms advocacy programs with assistance from civil society, development and media, and places them to the central government
BUPF develops training opportunities for UP leaders aimed at improving transparency and accountability in Union Parishad Resource Management.
BUPF arranges study tour to expose BUPF leaders to best practices of successful local government in others countries.

Central Committee – BUPF

01 Md. Mahbubur Rahman Tulu President Chairman, Sahapara UP, Sadar Upazila, Gaibandha.
02 Md.Sirajul Hoque Vice President Chairman, Patli Up, Jagannathpur Upazila, Sunamgonj.
03 Begum Asanur Biswash Vice President (Women) Chairman Doulotpur Up, Upazila Belkuci, Sirajganj.
04 Md. Shamsul Alam Vice President Chairman Balikhan Up, Upazila Fulpur, Mymensingh.
05 Md. Rezaul Karim Nesar Vice President Chairman Kusumpura Up, Upazila Patia, Chittagong.
06 Shek Aktarujjaman Baccu Vice President Chairman Shatgombuj Up, Upazila Sadar, Bagerhat.
07 A. B. M Faruk Hasan Vice President Chairman, Motbaria UP, Sadar Upazila, Pirojpur.
08 Mohammad Morshed Alam Secretary General Chairman, Hobirbari UP, Valuka Upazila, Mymensingh.
09 Md. Hasanat Zaman Chowdhury Jorge Joint Secretary General (Senior) Chairman, 2 No Shaldanga UP, Debiganj Upazila, Panchagarh.
10 S.A.M Zakaria Alam Joint Secretary General Chairman Parkishnopur Up, Upazila Sadar, Chuadanga.
11 Md. Rofiqul Islam Faruk Joint Secretary General Chairman Dayina Up, Upazila Sadar,Tangail.
12 Najmul Huda Jewel Joint Secretary General Chairman Boktarpur Up, Upazila Sadar, Naogaon.
13 Alhaz Azijul Hoque Sawpon Joint Secretary General Chairman, Dholua UP, Sadar Upazila, Barguna
14 Ad. M.A. Mozid Organizing Secretary Chairman Chandpur Up, Upazila Horinakundu, Jhenaidah.
15 Md. Shahjahan –E-Habib Asst. Organizing Secretary Chairman 11 No Mohammadpur Up, Upazila Sadar, Thakurgaon.
16 Md. G.M  Mostofa Kamal Asst. Organizing Secretary Chairman Bhabanipur Up, Upazila Sherpur, Bogra.
17 Md. Firoz Hossain Asst. Organizing Secretary Chairman Baracota UP, Wezirpur Upazila, Barisal.
18 Ali Ahmed Dulu Asst. Organizing Secretary Chairman Olipura Up, Upazila Raypura, Norsingdi.
19 Md. Mamunur Rasid Mamun Asst. Organizing Secretary Chairman Jagannathpur Up, Upazila Adorso Sadar, Comilla.
20 Kamrul Hasan Sahan Asst. Organizing Secretary Chairman Fulbari Up, Upazila Gopalgonj, Sylhet
21 Md. Abdul Mannan Asst. Organizing Secretary Chairman Hajrapur Up, Upazila Sadar, Magura.
22 Md. Nazir Hossain Finance Secretary Chairman Chawla UP, Upazila Pirgacha, Rangpur.
23 Most. Firoza Begum Women Affairs Secretary Member, Nuralapur UP, Sadar Upazila, Narsingdi.
24 Md. Sohid Ullah Talukdar (Mukul) Education & Cultural Affairs Secretary Chairman Kakorkandy Up, Upazila Sherpur.
25 Md. Kamal Ahmed Publication Secretary Chairman, 4 No Dorbost UP, Jaintapur Upazila, Sylhet.
26 Md. Hasnat Jaman Khokon Information & Communication Secretary Chairman Goyalkanda Up, Upzilla Purbo Dhola, Netrakona.
27 Md. Mahbub Morshed Tipu Office Secretary Chairman Tulasar Up, Upazila Sadar, Shariatpur
28 Md. Sultan Ali Liberation War Affairs Secretary Chairman Banessor Up, Upazila Puthiya, Rajshahi.
29 Md. Abdul Hakim Vutto Sports Affairs Secretary Chairman Panga Up, Upazila  Domar, Nilphamari.
30 Advocate Kabir Hossain Talukder Law Affairs Secretary Chairman, Lohania UP, Sadar Upazila, Patuakhali.
31 Md. Akhtaruzzaman Biswas Social Welfare Secretary Chairman Alampur Up, Upazila Sadar Kustia.
32 Md. Kutub Uddin International Affairs Secretary Chairman 2 No Nondona Up, Upazila Sonaimuri, Noakhali.
33 Md. Haydar Ali Moral Religion Affairs Secretary Chairman Dhigholia Up, Upazila Dhigholia, Khulna.
34 Md. Majedur Rahman Dulu General Member Chairman Monohorpur Up, Upazila Palashbari, Gaibandha.
35 Abdur Razzak General Member Chairman Debiduba Up, Upazila Debiganj, Panchagarh.
36 Alhaz Abdul Mannan Mal General Member Chairman Kollanpur Up, Upazila Sadar, Chandpur.
37 Md. Azizur Rahman Sordar General Member Chairman Horidaspur Up, Upazila Sadar, Gopalgonj.
38 Md. Fazlul Kaim Huda General Member Chairman Bongram Up, Upazila Sadullapur, Gaibandha.
39 Momena Aktar Noyon General Member Member Bor Uthan Up, Upazila Potiya, Chittagong.
40 Sultana Parveen General Member Member 13 No Eliasbad Up, Upazila Kalia, Narail.
41 Most. Shilpi Begam General Member Member Kenduya Up, Upazila Sadar, Madaripur.
42 Molla Mosaraf Hosen Mofiz General Member Chairman 11 No Dumuriya Up, Upazila Dumuriya, Khulna.
43 Md. Sadekuzzaman Milan Pol General Member Chairman Dicrychor Up, Upazila Sadar, Faridpur.

BUPF Central Women’s Committee

1 Begum Asanur Biswash President, Women Committee Chairman Doulotpur Up, Upazila Belkuci, Sirajganj. Sirajganj 01819-475150
2 Most. Jahanara Aktar Vice President, Women Committee Member Dokkhinhamchadi Up, Upazila Sadar, Lakshmipur. Lakshmipur 01716-980062
3 Most. Rehana Afroz Vice President, Women Committee Chairman 1 No Jolma Up, Upazila Batiaghatia, Khulna. Khulna 01724-005729
4 Most. Asia Khanam Shompa Vice President, Women Committee Member Rukundi Up, Upazila Sadar, Joypurhat. Joypurhat 01747-829536
5 Most. Aktar Banu Lipi Vice President, Women Committee Member Pirgonj Up, Upazila Pirgonj, Rangpur. Rangpur 01721-209899
6 Begum Samsunnahar Vice President, Women Committee Chairman 3 No Deorgasa Up, Upazila Chunarughat, Habigonj. Habigonj 01731-977827
7 Most. Khadiza Begum Vice President, Women Committee Member Dauli Subidpur UP, Upazila Mirjzgonj, Patuakhali. Patuakhali 01720-353703
8 Most. Sahida Vice President, Women Committee Member Koijury Up, Upazila Sadar, Faridpur. Faridpur 01723-727067
9 Most. Shaila Sharmin Secretary General, Women Committee Member, Nazirpur UP, Muladi Upazila, Barisal. Barisal 01716-522253
10 Prue Sangthui Marma Joint Secretary General, Women Committee Member 3 No Bandarban Up, Upazila Sadar, Bandarban. Bandarban 01816-595956
11 Most. Saleha Begum Joint Secretary General, Women Committee Member Pagla Up, Upazila Sadar, Jhenaidah. Jhenaidah 01719-729918
12 Most. Farhana Bin Afroz Rumi Joint Secretary General, Women Committee Member Pakuria UP, Upazila        Bagha, Rajshahi. Rajshahi 01716-870885
13 Most. Mira Mahbub Joint Secretary General, Women Committee Member Mukundopur Up, Upazila, Dinajpur. Dinajpur 01724-044822
14 Most. Firoza Begum Joint Secretary General, Women Committee Member, Patharia UP, South Sunamgonj Upazila, Sunamgonj. Sunamgonj 01734-227363
15 Most. Jahanara Begum Joint Secretary General, Women Committee Chairman, Kaora UP, Sadar Upazila, Jhalokati. Jhalokati 01729-468761
16 Most. Chaina Begum Joint Secretary General, Women Committee Member Borotia Up, Upazila Ghior, Manikgonj. Manikgonj 01759-780266
17 Most. Halima Parvin Organizing Secretary, Women Committee Member Prembag Up, Upazila Avoynagar, Jessore. Jessore 01915-336903


Source : http://www.bupf.org