‘UP chairman’s irregular office presence creates problems for people’

‘UP chairman’s irregular office presence creates problems for people’

Monoranjan Mondal
monoThose of us who are elected as chairmen come here with an objective to serve the people. But many of the UP chairmen come here just to materialize their long-term dream. Still, some of them become chairman by chance. I hope all who have got the opportunity to serve people will utilize their position properly to develop this country. Now there is no opportunity to run chairmanship from home. I think that it is a primary responsibility of chairman to do office regularly and stay in the office for a certain time. People come to UP with different problems. So chairman should play the prime role in solving those problems. People face sufferings if the chairman is irregular in office or engages in personal work. Some chairmen perform duties from city by doing office at an interval; even in that case they spend little time in his office. A responsible chairman couldn’t do this. I think a chairman needs to engage 24 hours for serving the people. Earlier chairman had 38 types of job. Now the number of jobs is 39. Digital centre is the latest edition in this regard. A chairman has many important duties to perform in this centre also. It is necessary to organize training in the NILG (National Institute of Local Government) for chairman just after they are elected. Government should take initiative to increase the duration of training. Many issues need to be learnt within this stipulated time. But many of them didn’t take this as a serious thing. I hope all chairman should participate in this training properly.

I have been serving as a chairman since 1997. I completed my post graduation in two subjects and later completed LLB, bachelor in education, and masters in education. Later I studied in Russia. I also run UP office besides pursuing my teaching carrier. I think it is necessary to conduct two ward shovas in a year and take initiative for implementation of activities selected by proper assessment of people needs in these ward shovas. People’s participation increases in UP’s overall activities through ward shovas, and transparency and accountability in work is also ensured. The 13 standing committees should be made effective. It is important to update bill-vouchers of the UP regularly. The chairman or the secretary can spend Tk. 500 by themselves. They should spend the money by cheques as per law. It is equally important to develop the list of development activities and to submit that list in due time and to cooperate in audit activities. The chairman needs to update the status of files, though this is not a direct responsibility of a chairman. There is a regular work, i.e., to receive letter from different departments and to reply these letters accordingly.

Making available information on a notice board for the people is also important. A chairman would not face problem if s/he follows UP Act 2009 properly. But I think s/he can make a track record of success in her/his work.

Chairman, Batighata Union Parishad, Batiyaghata, Khulna


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