The ‘Aparajitas’ are striving to send existing government facilities to the rural women

The ‘Aparajitas’ are striving to send existing government facilities to the rural women

Tahmina Begum Vice Chairman, Ulipur Upazila Parishad, Kurigram

She was an NGO worker.  She worked in RDRS and Chinnomukul. She worked in credit Programme of ‘Mohidev’ and ‘Aso Desh Gori’ in Ulipur Upazila for 12 years. She joined in Mohila Dal of BNP in 1999 and became nominated as the president of Ulipur Mahila Dal. She was elected as the president of Ulipur Poura BNP Mahila Dal in 2007 and still she is continuing. In addition, she is joint convener of Kurigram District Mahila Dal.

‘The existing government facilities are not properly reached to the women of the rural area. The ‘Aparajitas’ are striving to send these at their reach. In this respect, they are trying to make the Union Information Centre, Community Health Clinics, Family Planning and Agriculture Department services more active and responsible’.

 As regards to her family, She was married in 1985. Her husband is a retired officer of a Public Hospital. They have three children. The elder son passed HSC, second son is studying  BA and the only daughter is studying in class one.

Tahmina Begum said, ‘There were very limited scopes to work for the women in Local Institutions. I thought that if I am elected at the Upazila level, then I can work for the women in a wider scope’. She participated in the election for materalising that thought.  She also said, ‘I have the background to work with NGO. It created an opportunity for me to become closer to the people’. She directly became involved in politics. All the people in the locality personally know her. She participated in the election for the first time and  has been elected by the people as the Vice Chairman of this Upazila Parishad. She is also the chairman of Ulipur Upazila Women Development Forum and General Secretary of Kurigram district Women Development Forum.

She said, ‘I was with the people in their happiness and sufferings, and will also remain with them in future. I was with them when Ulipur was affected by the natural calamities’.  When she finds any women in trouble or distress, she stands beside her.

She said, ‘As we are not officially entrusted with any responsibility, I am not becoming able to perform my duty in this respect according to expectation of the people. My work and programmes for empowering women is continuing. At the same time, I am preparing to establish school for handicapped at every union of Ulipur Upazila’.

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