Dissemination of the true history of Liberation War among students in schools’ is one my future agenda

Dissemination of the true history of Liberation War among students in schools’ is one my future agenda

Md. Siddiqur Rahaman Chairman, Pakutia Union Parishad, Nagarpur, Tangail

Local level election is always an important event and development depends on the quality of this election. At present, the overall situation of this country is very good. So, we can say that the forthcoming UP elections will be held duly and peacefully. I believe that there will be no unexpected event in this locality regarding the election. People of this locality want to cast their vote. Whatever one might say but it is during this election time candidates go to voters. At this time candidates also make their commitment to solve a particular problem and describe way of its implementation. This time election is going to be held on the party line using the respective symbol of political parties. But I believe voters will be taking into consideration personal profile and behavior of candidates during selection of their responsibilities.

I do not think that there will be no impact of use of party symbol on this election. Sometimes we see political parties select candidates who are otherwise controversial persons instead of the right ones. In their respect, people should take into consideration their past activities. There is a need to take all necessary steps for ensuring fearless and joyful environment for the people to cast their votes. I have implemented a significant number of works in this Union Parishad. Nepotism and bribery does not exist as far as dispute resolutions in this UP are concerned. I have become successful in solving social problems like dowry and child marriage. I have implemented properly different programs including LGSP and 40-day program. I will implement more development work in future if people want. I have already constructed and repaired many roads and 12 piped culverts in my locality. I have distributed 40 in 2013-14, 20 in 2014-15 and 30 tube wells in 2015-16 for ensuring safe drinking water for the people in this locality. I also distributed solar panels to 12 mosques for making good environment for performing prayers. I also constructed a foot-over bridge at the cost of Tk.5 lakh with the help of LGSP. I also distributed chairs in a high school.

I am a freedom fighter. I passed SSC in 1970. I was a college student during the Liberation War and I also joined the war. So, I will continue my effort to establish the true history of Liberation War. I will take necessary initiatives for conducting regular meetings with teachers to develop quality of education in different educational institutions. I will also take initiative to disseminate the true history of Liberation War in schools bringing freedom fighters to these programs. I will establish by myself a fund for ensuring quality of life for the real freedom fighters in this locality.

I will also work to improve the communication system in our locality. I will monitor UP’s each community clinic regularly for improving services they deliver because most of the people of this locality are receiving services from those clinics. I believe that this initiative will help to improve health services in this locality. I will continue my efforts to transform the sub-health center into a hospital through appropriate communication with the respective authorities. I will provide special attention for development of markets. I will also try to improve infrastructure of religious institutions in association with the local people. Moreover, I have a desire to make an arrangement on different training courses creating employment opportunity for local youths. They will get opportunity to participate in different livelihood training programs and thus they will be self depended.

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