Local Government in UK

Local government in the United Kingdom is structured in two different ways. In Scotland, Wales and parts of England – Unitary, Metropolitan and London Borough Councils – a single tier, all-purpose council is responsible for all local authority functions. The remainder of the UK has a two-tier system in which two separate councils divide responsibility: […]

Local Government in Norway

Norway is divided into 19 counties and 430 municipalities (2008). The powers of the county and municipal councils for self-government have been delegated from the State, and are set out in legislation, not in the Constitution. The State is directly represented at a local level through the County Governors’ offices. The municipalities are the most […]

LG in Italy

Local Government in Italy ‘The Republic consists of municipalities, provinces, metropolitan cities, regions and the State. Municipalities, provinces, metropolitan cities and regions are autonomous entities with their own statutes, powers and functions according to the principles defined in the constitution’. This is the framework of the Italian legal system laid down in article 114 of […]

Local Government in Denmark

Denmark is divided into five regions and 98 municipalities (Danish: kommuner, sing.: kommune). This was established per an administrative reform, effective January 1, 2007 which replaced the counties (amter) with five regions (regioner). The 270 municipalities were consolidated into 98 larger units, most of which have at least 20,000 inhabitants. The reason was to give the new […]