APARAJITA is working on political empowerment of women

APARAJITA is working on political empowerment of women

Laila Akhter Lipi, Vice Chairman, Sadar Upazila Parishad, Tangail

She is elected as Upazila Vice president for the first time. As her family members are involved with politics of BNP, she has been involved with the BNP since 1996. She was elected as a Publicity Secretary of BNP Mahila Dal district unit in 2008,  and still holding that position. She is also a member of `Human Rights Organization’, Demanding Safe Road and Tangail District Women Development Forum. Side by side, she is President of Sadar Upazila unit of that development forum.  She is also a Publicity Secretary of  Tangail District Community Police’. There are seventeen committees in Upazila Parishad. As Vice Chairman, she is President of 8 committees. The attendance in those committee meetings is very low. She said, ‘Even Union Parishad Chairmen are reluctant to pay due respect to us.  As a result, the Upazila Parishad Manual is not implemented properly’. Projects taken by the committee are not properly implemented.

‘I learnt and understood many issues.  Being associated with `Aparajita’ I talk with them those who are not associated with APARAJITA, understand that they are not at all aware regarding issues. Officials of APARAJITA are working on political empowerment of women through maintaining close contact with us’.

Laila Akhter’s main objectives are to serve the people, development of the locality, establish the women rights, resist child marriage, violence against women and build up a drug free society. She had participated in awareness meetings on child marriage, dowry and violence against women held at different secondary schools.  She has taken preventive measures for stopping child marriage and violence against women. She has implemented a scheme on distributing sewing machines to create employment opportunity for disadvantaged and oppressed women. She has made a plan to address problems of challenged people in consultation with them.

Her husband, a contractor by occupation, was a member of Union Parishad and acting chairman in Tangail. Her elder son is studying in computer science and younger one is studying in class V.  She doesn’t face any challenge in her family but due to political reason she faces challenges in social life. She said ‘Many times, I face obstacles in resisting child marriages. I don’t get necessary support at all times from administration.  Even local influential people hesitate to cooperate me in social works. In most cases, works done by women are not properly evaluated. We don’t get separate allocation for social work.  So, we cannot provide help to the poor and helpless people. Due to unavailability of transport, we could not visit each area of this upazila’.

As much as possible, Laila Akhter provides support to the people in any circumstances.  ‘I am an elected representative. After giving time to the family, I spend rest of the time to work for the people’, she said.

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