‘APARAJITA’ has made contribution in developing women leadership

‘APARAJITA’ has made contribution in developing women leadership

Helenaz Tahera Vice Chairman Sadar Upazila Parishad, Cox’s Bazar

In the early ninety, she worked as a volunteer in Red Crescent. During 2000 to 2013, she was a Councilor of Cox’sBazar Municipality. She perceived from the aspirations and inspirations of the people that she needs to shoulder more responsibility standing beside them. With this view in mind, she participated in the election of 2014 and people elected her as a Vice-Chairman. This opened a window for her to serve the people.

Her family comprises of husband, two sons and two daughters. Sons are still continuing their studies. With the inspiration and support of the family, she is maintaining family and serving the people simultaneously.

‘I think, ‘APARAJITA’ has made an important contribution in developing women leadership. Due to this, women representation in different positions of local government is increasing day by day. Now, the opinions of women are being considered with importance. In the Standing Committee of Upazila Parishad, active participation of women is increasing. Because of greater involvement of women, quality of local government services enhanced. Our acceptability to the people is also on the rise’.

Helenaz Tahera  said, ‘The discrimination between male and female in our society exists for long. The voices of women are ignored in every sphere of our society’.  She is to get involve in various activities. She is trying passionately to remain with the people in all sphere of peoples’ life’. During her tenure in pourasava, she has handed over 5,000 sewing machines to the destitute women. They are now capable to earn and the families are relieved from extreme poverty. Apart from this, she has established 7 adult learning schools.

All of us know that Cox’sBazar is a tourist town and located in border area. For different reasons, various kinds of people visit here. Hence, It is necessary to maintain law and order situation. She has also to concentrate also on this issue. She has to focus more on the problems of rural women.

Cox’sBazar is a disaster prone area. Here, child and women trafficking is a regular phenomenon. Her focus is to create mass awareness for protecting people and their valuables at the time of natural disaster; resist child and women trafficking; and, employment creation by establishing sewing training centre. In addition, she would like to be involved with various initiatives of Non-Government Organizations for development of her locality and serving the people. She is also involved with organizing workshops to build up awareness of women and increase their participation in Union Parishad. As of today, they have trained 33 women.

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