‘Inhabitants of Gazipur Union Parishad will enjoy facilities like city dwellers’

‘Inhabitants of Gazipur Union Parishad will enjoy facilities like city dwellers’

Md. Abdus Samad Secretary, Gazipur Union Parishad, Sreepur, Gazipur

It is true that all credits of development work go to people’s representatives but we become happy when we think that we are also part of those activities. A lot of development activities are now visible in this Union Parishad for implementation different projects under LGSP. The significant among them are naming different roads by the name of country’s war heroes and valiant sons, construction of memorial in schools’ Shahid Minar compounds, setting up of union information board, display of citizens charter, infrastructure development including roads, bridges, culverts, setting up of Union Digital Service Center and Developing Union Parishad’s own software. People in this locality are most aware about education, child marriage, safe water, benefits of sanitary latrine and usages.

I started my service in 1990 in a NGO just after appearing in my BSc exam. Before that I was a teacher of a higher secondary madrassa for few months. Later I joined Talihati Union Parishad of Sreepur Upazila under Gazipur District on 15th June 1992. I had a dream to become a Civil Service Officer. But as I was not able to pay the fee Tk 250, I could not participate in this exam two times. So I started this job with an objective to serve the people, stand beside them as well as earn my livelihood. I got an opportunity to study in Dhaka University, but due to unwillingness of my mother, I could not avail this opportunity.

Later I passed BSc in second class with major in mathematics, physics and psychology in 1990 from University College. I got married in 1993. We have two daughters. The elder one is studying in law in a private university. And the younger one is studying in a college. My elder three sisters got married during childhood because there was a belief that if any girl of a farmer’s family became educated than it would be very difficult to get the bridegroom for that girl. Such was the village social system and socio-economic context. But two of them later continued their study because of my mother’s desire and passed BA and now serving as a school teacher.

My younger brother engaged in business after completing his HSC. Though my parents were not that much educated but both of them were my house tutors. I did not have a house tutor up to class five other than them. Every day, after coming from school, I helped my father in his agriculture work. My young brother joined my father’s agriculture work after completion of his class five. Now he is a farmer following the family tradition. My father is now passing his retired life. My mother already passed away. After joining UP in 1992, I participated in a seven-day training program in NILG in 1997 and I am continuing my work through learning by doing. I also acquire knowledge on education systems from Shibram Adrashya School during working of a project of Dhaka Ahsania Mission for development of quality of preprimary education. I also learnt through Horizontal Learning Program on sanitation through participating in different exposures visits in Narsingdi and Jessore.

This UP is situated nearby Gazipur City Corporation and just beside the Dhaka Mymensingh Highway. Industrialization of this locality is gradually increasing and this is helping to create employment opportunity and making people self-reliant, decreasing the poverty line. I believe people in this locality will get all urban amenities within next 10 years.

Though the Union Parishad Complex built for running one stop service center but the UP does not have the required manpower. Officers of transferred departments are not doing office in this building. Only the UP secretary is performing his duties within the prevailing situation. Moreover, the secretary could not perform the assigned duties due to lack of empowerment. There is a need to upgrade status of the UP secretary at least to 10th grade of the national pay scale and the UP also needs necessary manpower such as sub-assistant engineer, office assistant and tax collector, night guard, etc. The UP needs to be given due authority for supervising officials of transferred department. The government should issue a circular providing due authority to the secretary for supervising and monitoring of NGO activities. The internet in the UP must also run with proper speed. All UP secretary has a demand to nationalize their job according to the announcement made by the Father of the Nation. Moreover it is necessary to increase property transfer tax from one percent to five percent, to return authority for leasing out hats, water area and ferry ghat and to increase administrative power for making more active in tax collection. It is also necessary to transfer fund directly to the UP like the allotment of the LGSP fund. But here the monitoring system has to be strengthened. For doing this work, if it is necessary, the secretary can be given executive power increasing dignity of his post so that he can communicate with the higher authorities directly through letters.

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