Last-phase UZ polls today

A total of 73 upazilas are set to go to polls today in the fifth and last phase of elections to the local-government body amid widespread tension and apprehension of violence, booth capture and vote rigging. Despite unbridled violence in the last two phases, the Election Commission has taken no extra steps to check possible outbreaks […]

Upazila elections end tomorrow

A total of 74 upazilas are voting in the fifth phase of the ongoing local body polls tomorrow, amid allegations and counter-allegations of vote rigging and occupying polling centres. Contestants backed by both Awami League and BNP spent a busy day in their respective localities yesterday (29 March 2014)  – the last electioneering day before […]

Upazila Election 2014: AL targets vice-chair posts

With the tally of BNP-blessed vice-chairman candidates still higher after four phases of the upazila polls, the ruling Awami League is now concentrating on making sure their vice-chairman and chairman runners win on Monday’s elections to 74 upazila parishads. Contenders backed by the BNP have so far secured 16 more vice-chairman posts than their opponents […]

‘I expect to see the next two phases end in a free and fair manner’ tells Badiul Alam Majumdar, Secretary, Shujan

‘I expect to see the next two phases end in a free and fair manner’ tells Badiul Alam Majumdar, Secretary, Shujan

The Daily Star (TDS): What have been the most noticeable features of the first three phases of the Upazila (UZ) elections?Badiul Alam Majumdar (BAM): The factors that I have noticed in particular have been the incidence and newer dimensions of violence related to the local elections. In the first phase there was no incident of death, […]

Union Information and Service Centres (UISC)

Union Information and Service Centres (UISC)

What It Is Union Information and Services Centres (UISC) are newly established one-stop service outlets operating at all 4,501 Union Parishads (UP, lowest tier of local government) of the country. Through use of ICT, UISC is able to bring various types of information related to government, livelihood and private services to the doorstep of citizens […]

Union Parishad Helplne

The UPHL is aligned with the GoB’s Access to Information (A2I) program and the Right to Information (RTI) Act. This is in keeping with the recent growth of low cost help line services in Bangladesh and the growing demand for locally driven feedback mechanisms. According to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), the total number […]

Local Government in the Philippines

Local Government in the Philippines

Local government in the Philippines is divided into four levels: Autonomous regions Provinces and cities independent from a province Component cities and municipalities Barangays All divisions below the regional level are called “local government units (LGUs).” According to the Constitution, the LGUs “shall enjoy local autonomy”, and in which the president exercises “general supervision”. Congress […]

Local government in Malaysia

The local government or local authority (Malay: kerajaan tempatan or pihak berkuasa tempatan (PBT)) is the lowest level in the system of government in Malaysia—after federal and state. It has the power to collect taxes (in the form of assessment tax), to create laws and rules (in the form of by-laws) and to grant licenses and permits for any trade in its area […]

Local Government in UK

Local government in the United Kingdom is structured in two different ways. In Scotland, Wales and parts of England – Unitary, Metropolitan and London Borough Councils – a single tier, all-purpose council is responsible for all local authority functions. The remainder of the UK has a two-tier system in which two separate councils divide responsibility: […]

Local Government in Norway

Norway is divided into 19 counties and 430 municipalities (2008). The powers of the county and municipal councils for self-government have been delegated from the State, and are set out in legislation, not in the Constitution. The State is directly represented at a local level through the County Governors’ offices. The municipalities are the most […]

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